First ongoing project started November 2017 in Tokyo, including takes in Yokohama, Nagoya & Osaka. Looking forward to finish this project by October 2020 and participating in Gothenburg Film Festval in January 2021 as well as Tampere Short Film festival in March 2021. All the participating films need more shots until they will be clipped, coloured and sound-edited.

Ahlberg Productions was registrated as a company in January 2017, as a plat form for mainly film, video and event productions. As we have been involved with event production since 1978 in Finland, mainly concerts and festivals, and in Denmark since 1993 with balloon decorations, artist booking & management and event management, we have been working under several names including Scandinavian Balloon Art, Dansk Artist Booking & Surprise-Events.com. Our oldest annual customers are Casino Copenhagen (since 1996) and Parken Events & Entertainment (since 1997), where our latest tribute has been balloon decorations to Denmark's EM-qualification game Denmark-Switzerland October 12th 2019.

When it comes to filming, we have access to various Leica-R lenses, Voigtländer Nokton 17,5mm f0.95, which is a very delicate lens as well as Olympus 9-18mm f4.5.6 (our front cover picture is taken by it). We have daily access to various lenses inkl. Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 12-60mm (24-120mm i 35mm), Mamiya 645 lenses: 45mm f2.8 & 150mm f2.8. And Rollei, Voigtländer and Canon lenses incl. Canon J13x984 IRS II-A Broadcast lens.

When it comes to my private owned kameras, Olympus Tough Stylus (4K) has been an interesting extra to carry on the photo-and videosafaries. Lumix FZ300 (4K) with its 25-600mm f2.8 has been light to carry with as well as Lumix G7, even though the results are not in the professional level of GH5, but still good enough for a private use in the social medias. 

At the present moment we are looking for 3 new, young students for a 5 year period in global film production in Japan (annually), Caribbean, South-America, Africa and Europe (incl. former USSR-countries).

We need "commited" students, born in 2003/04, and committed to film industry so much that they are ready to be a part of our company for the next 5 years. We believe that their talent will blooming in about 2 years after working in practice with sound production, filming, editing, cutting, writing scenes etc. As well as acting.

Kai Ahlberg, 58, the manager, has several years of experience of performing as well as instructing theatre plays. Two years completed theatre education at The Commedia School as well as several courses with Roy Hart Theatre in Southern France and Ecole Philippe Gaulier's courses in London, Gothenburg and Berlin. And working with Anne Rosing Methode in Autumn 2017 & Autumn 2019 over two courses with 28 lectures of intensive studies.




Video-and filmproductions with Panasonic Lumix GH5 and Leica-R lenses as well as vintage look with Rollei and Canon FD lenses.


Address: Roskildevej 5, Albertslund

Email: info@ahlpro.dk

Phone: +45 4583 4000


  • Crimea 2014-2019
  • Gdansk-Danzig 2019
  • Perkele, Stockholm

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